Why Director Raghav Lawrence Not Happy With The First Look Of Akshay Kumar's 'Lakshmi Bomb' And Decided To Leave The Film?

Akshay Kumar starrer film, Lakshmi Bombs, is a Hindi remake of Tamil film Kanchana. In the Tamil film, Raghav Lawrence played the role of both an actor and director in Kachan. After seeing the first look of Laxmi Bomb, the Akshay Kumar is being felicitous. At the same time, Raghav Lawrence is unhappy with the release of this poster. Raghav told that there should not be any leg where you do not get respect.

Raghav said that no one thought it right to discus with them before releasing the poster of the film. The poster was released without informing them. Because of that, he decided to walk out of the film. Raghav wrote a post on Twitter: "Hello friends, there is an old saying in Tamil where you do not have respect, you should not even have a foot.

The respect for a human being is a great thing, so I have taken the decision to exclude myself from the film. I don't want to tell because of coming out of this project because there are many reasons behind it. One of which is the first look of the film which was released without my information. ''

"I got information about it through a third person, this is a painful pain when the director realizes that the first look of your film has been released, I am quite unrespectably and unhappy. I could have stopped this project because I have not signed an agreement with anyone but I want to give the script back because personally, I have a lot of respect for Akshay Kumar sir.

They can replace me with another director. I will meet Akshay Kumar soon to give him the script then I will be out from the film completely. I congratulate the team. "
After this post of Raghav Lawrence, no statement from Akshay Kumar has come out. Let tell you the actors be seen in the role of Kinner in Lakshmi bomb. The film will be released on 5 June next year.

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