Plane Coming From PAK Rammed In Indian Border, Air Force Forced To Land In Jaipur

After entering the Indian Air Border, the cargo plane coming from Pakistan was landed at Jaipur airport, where his pilot was being interrogated. Government sources gave this information to the news agency ANI After coming into the Indian territory, a heavy carrier Flying from Planan Anton Anton AN-12 forced the Indian Air Force to land it on the Jaipur airport.
A Plane's pilot is currently being questioned. According to the information, the aircraft flew from Karachi to Delhi. After the plane was separated from its fixed path (North Gujarat), it had entered the Indian border, after which the air force's Sukhoi Ladaku aircraft forced him to land at Jaipur Airport. This cargo plane belongs to the European country of Georgia.

Tell you that the Indian Air Force, after the action taken at Balakot, Fighter planes tried to sneak into the Indian border several times from the Pakistan side, but every time our army pushed them back to their border.

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