IAF gets US AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, Air force will get strength

 The Indian Air Force has begun to get the famous Apache attack helicopter. American company Boeing-built AH-64E Apache Attack helicopter is considered to be the world's most modern and deadly helicopter. The Indian Air Force got the first helicopter in Arizona, USA. India has made a deal to purchase 22 Apache helicopters from the US. With the joining of this helicopter, the ability to enter and kill the enemy's house has increased.

Apache is the first helicopter to work purely in the Indian Army. The Indian Army has been using Russia-built Mi-35 for years, but it is now on the verge of retirement. Apache is designed in such a way that it is able to penetrate the enemy's fortifications and enter the border and attack them.

Apache Helicopter Used To Kill Bin Laden

This will destroy the terrorist bases in POK. Defense analysts believe Apache can play the role of 'game changer' during the war. Read more to know that what is the specialty of Apache attack helicopter and how it works ...

The Boeing AH-64E is the most advanced combat helicopter for the US Army and other international defense forces, which is capable of doing many tasks at once.

America used its own Apache attack helicopter to take the iron from the enemy, from Panama to Afghanistan and Iraq. Israel has also been using the same attack helicopter in its military operations in Lebanon and Gaza Strip. Apart from the US, the armies of Israel, Egypt, and the Netherlands also use this Apache attack helicopter.

Apache attack helicopter was built for the US Army's Advanced Attack helicopter program. It filled the first flight in 1975, but it was included in the US Army in 1986.

The Apache Attack helicopter has two General Electric T700 turboshaft engines and the front is a sensor fit due to which it can also fly in the dark of night. It flies at 365 kilometers per hour. Due to such high speed, it can easily fly enemy tanks easily.

The Apache Attack helicopter has hellfire and Stinger missiles, and on both sides, there are two guns of 30mm. The payload of these missiles is filled with so many explosives that it is impossible for enemies to escape.

It weighs 5,165 kilograms and has two seats for pilots to sit. This helicopter has been designed in such a way that it can remain in every situation of the war zone.

The most revolutionary feature of Apache Helicopter is its helmet-mounted display, Integrated Helmet, and Display Sighting System, with the help of which the pilot can target the automatic M230 chain gun in the helicopter to its enemy. If there is any kind of weather, any kind of situation, an Apache attack helicopter doesn't spare enemies.

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