Gautam gave a serious challenge to Kejriwal, Give Proof otherwise leave politics for a lifetime.

Jubani Jung is continuing between the candidate Atishi Marlena and BJP candidate Gautam Gambhir in East Delhi and after Gautam's allegations, Gautam has given a 'serious' challenge.
The whole state of Delhi has got a lot of heat over the Lok Sabha elections and the rhetoric is going on. There is a continuation of accusations and contradictions, even, the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi are to be voted on May 12, the time is short and every candidate of the party have been trying to woo their voters in any manner, the candidates are using every election tricks.

The politics of East Delhi got hot when the AAP candidate Atishi Marlena gave a statement during the press conference, alleging that Gautam Gambhir has issued a letter in his area, in which he has tried to defame her. During this situation, Atishi has seen as a passionate look.

Atishi blamed Gautam Gambhir, saying, "He has shown how much he can fall down." Pamphlet has said that it is a good example of mixed race. Atishi also said that through this pamphlet, Gautam Gambhir and Bharatiya Janata Party have shown how much people can fall below them.

Atishi also said that he has not come to politics to earn money and name. Atishi said, 'My only one question for his is that if they can fall to defeat a powerful woman like me, then how will they protect women in their area after becoming MPs?'

Former Indian cricketer and BJP candidate Gautam Gambhir, on the allegations of the Atishi, replied that he has not issued such a pamphlet and if it is proved then he will withdraw his nomination.

After this, a strong reaction from BJP candidate Gautam Gambhir also came out and he objected and said, "If you give any proof about this, then I will resign even if they give proof on 23rd May even I will also resign on that day, but if Arvind Kejriwal does not provide proof, will he accept my challenge and leave politics? ' Gautam Gambhir said that I will file a case of defamation in this case.

It is noteworthy that since Gautam Gambhir and Atishi have come face to face in the electoral fray, there is a continuation of political rhetoric and accusations between both of them. It will be interesting to see how this affects voters and they What do you decide on the day?

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