Delhi CM Kejriwal Raises Fears Of His Assassination By BJP Like Indira Gandhi

Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal has spread the sensation of telling a threat to his life. In an interview given to a media house, Kejriwal said that his life is in danger and his PSO can kill Kejriwal like former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi as he believes that his PSO supports BJP.

Kejriwal said that the police, who are running for security around, all report to the BJP. "AAP' convenor said in an interview, "My PSO reports to the BJP. Tomorrow, like Indira Gandhi, BJP will kill me through my PSO. '

This is not the first time that Arvind Kejriwal has expressed his fear of murder, even in 2016, Kejriwal has expressed his fear of murder. On 4th May, even during the roadshow, Kejriwal was attacked, he was performing road shows in Moti Nagar area of ​​Delhi when a man slapped him.

But Delhi Police has said on this matter: - Our security personnel posted in CM's security team are committed to their duties. The unit is providing security to many high dignitaries.

Aam Aadmi Party spokesman Saurabh Bharadwaj has also supported Kejriwal's claim. Bharadwaj said, "Since the formation of CM of Delhi, there have been six attacks in the presence of the police. No action has been taken even after such incidents. We do not believe in Delhi Police.

Earlier, Kejriwal had said about the general elections that we were in a position to win seven seats in the capital, but at the last moment, the vote of Muslims went to Congress.

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