Baba Ramdev Reprimanded Amazon For Selling Hindu Goddesses Pictures Toilet Covers

Controversy over selling Hindu Goddesses pictures toilet covers on Amazon, Baba Ramdev said: Why is there always an insult of god-goddesses of India?

E-commerce giant Amazon has come to the target of Indian users. Many users are now opposing the company. The cause of the protest happened of selling the cover of toilet seats with printed pictures of Hindu- Goddesses on the online platform.

Soon after this, the user posted 24,000 tweets against Amazon. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj was also tagged in some tweets. Among them, "Boycott Amazon" was the most trending on Twitter. But now on this issue, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has also attacked.

What said Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev tweeted on the Amazon controversy, saying, "Can #Amazon get the audacity of insult them by presenting the sacred images of Islam and Christianity as such?  Next, Baba Ramdev wrote, Why is there always an insult of goddesses-deities of India? "

Let tell you that after this tweet many users got provoked, where a user even said, "Apologize for this ill-act otherwise, we all nationalist will teach lessons you. When the team does not remove the abusive post. Order products from Amazon without online payment and refuse to take delivery to teach them a lesson.

What was Amazon's answer?

On contact, an Amazon spokesman said that all Amazon vendors should comply with the company's guidelines. Those who do not do this may have to face action. Those vendors may also be removed from the Amazon platform.

The spokesperson said that the questions about which products are being raised are being removed from our store. This is not the first time that Amazon is being criticized for playing with the faith of the Hindus. After the previous protests, Amazon had stopped selling such material but now they have started doing this again from their platform.

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