What Is The Black Hole? Know It In A Short Form.

The black hole is such a celestial power, whose gravitational field is quite powerful. Nothing can escape from its gravity force. There is a limit around the black hole. That border is called the event horizon. The objects may fall in it but cannot come back. Therefore it is called the black hole. Because it absorbs all the light falling on it. And does not reflect anything in return.

The first type of Black Hole is formed when the center of a large star itself is exhausted. Supernova is formed by this process. It is 20 times larger than the sun in terms of power. Supermassive Black Hole is at least one million times larger than the sun.

Scientists have noticed that such giant is in the middle of every big galaxy including our own Galaxy Milky Way. Both of the black holes tracked by the Event Horizon Telescope were similar.
Sagittarius A * was found in the middle of the Milky Way 26,000 light years away from Earth. Its Mass is equal to 4.1 million suns. Its diameter is about 1/5 of the diameter between the Earth and the Sun.
The second Black Hole is considered as one of the largest black holes. It is 6 billion times larger than the sun and 1500 times bigger than Sag A *. It is some 50 million light years away from our planet. It is in the middle of Galaxy M87.

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if astronomers don't see the Black Hole, he can also see what is near him or what happens on the Event Horizon. It "No Return of Point" Is also known as ".

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