Salman Khan To Be Present In Court Today In Blackbuck Poaching Case

In the blackbuck poaching case, the hearing on the appeal filed by Salman Khan against the order of the CJM rural Court has been averted. The court has given the date of July 4 for further hearing of the case and has also ordered Salman Khan to be present in the court.

Salman Khan's lawyers have sought the next date from the court due to the poor health of senior advocate Mahesh Bagda in the court. Salman Khan is required to appear before the court at the next hearing.
Earlier, the matter was heard on 20th February, which was postponed till April 3. Bollywood actor Salman Khan was the only accused who was convicted in a case of poaching two blackbucks in a kankani village near Jodhpur in October 1998.

The lower court had sentenced Khan to five years ' last year, while five other co-accused had been acquitted. Khan is currently on bail

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