Prime Minister:- Narendra Modi Will Get The Highest Civil Honor By President Of The United Nations As Zayed Medal

United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced on Thursday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be honored with the prestigious Zayed Medal for playing 'important' role in promoting bilateral relations.
UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan announced the honor of Prime Minister Modi with this highest honor given to the kings, presidents, and heads of state.
Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Zayed tweeted, "There are our historical and comprehensive strategic relationships with India, which has been further promoted by our dear friends, Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Appreciating their efforts, the President of the UAE has announced to give him a Zayed medal. "
He said, "By giving Zayed medal to our beloved friend, Indian Prime Minister, we have expressed respect for his (Modi) role in building friendly relations between the UAE and India in various fields and further strengthening joint strategic cooperation.

According to the news of the Khaleej Times, this honor has been given as an appreciation for the role of Modi in supporting long-term friendship and joint strategic cooperation between the two countries.

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