PM Modi Interview With Akshay Kumar: PM Modi Reveals His Secrets In Front Of Akshay Kumar

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar took an interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and in the meantime, PM Modi talked about himself by opening his heart.

In his interview with Akshay Kumar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told him about his childhood, he also told how he came to serve the country. Akshay Kumar asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi what he wanted to be, then the PM said that I had never thought that I would be the Prime Minister.

On this, Akshay Kumar also took the cover from his life. Akshay Kumar told Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi that he did not even want to be a film actor. Akshay Kumar said that he had a dream that he wanted to be a martial arts teacher.

When Akshay Kumar talked to the Prime Minister about his anger, Akshay Kumar told him about how he controls anger. Akshay Kumar said that when he gets angry, he fights with boxing bag until getting tired and after that, fall asleep. Apart from this sometimes, when he gets angry he goes to the shore and shouts a lot.

Interview Highlights-

I eat Mango, and I like Mango, by the way, when I was young, Our family was not able to afford it, But we used to go to the fields and eat mangoes of the tree: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

I had left the house at a very young age and hence attachment, love, and forgiveness missed all due to my training: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

I am strict, disciplined, I never try to humiliate anyone, I often try that if I say something to work then I involved myself in it to learn and teach and I build team: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

I had never imagined that I would become the Prime Minister, in my childhood I was inspired by the soldiers of the army: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

There are good friendship with opposition leaders, and Ghulam Nabi Azad, Mamta DIdi sends a couple of kurta gifts in a year: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

If I get the lamp of Aladin, then I will tell him that all the sociologists and academics are filled up in their minds that they should not teach these Aladdin-based theories to future generations. Teach them to work hard: PM Modi

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