PM At Uttar Pradesh Rally:- Modi's Inverted Attack To The Terrorists, Some People Aren't Preferring It

Prime Minister of India (Narendra Modi) addressed an election rally at Amroha in Uttar Pradesh.  PM Modi said some people are not fond of Inverted attack to terrorists in their language.
In Amroha, PM Modi said that Congress, Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, and this soft attitude against terrorism have promoted terror. PM Modi said that the blasts have stopped for the last 5 years because you have chosen a well-guarded janitor. Terrorists know now that if they do something, then Modi will teach them a lesson even if they are hidden in their own home.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Amroha that there are some people who are trying to divide the country, trying to isolate the names of different castes. Understand the interests of such people.

He said that when India's army kill enemies in the returned of their attack, then some people come to cry in the country.  He said that it is the compulsion of the vote bank today, that is why Congress takes the name of Baba Saheb, otherwise, it is the same Congress which has not allowed his photo to be put in Parliament for decades.

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