Lok Sabha Elections Phase 1: -The Life Devastated By The Pakistani Shelling, But Still, The Village Relies On Democracy

In the cross-border firing, these people's houses have all been destroyed, but their confidence in parliamentary democracy has not diminished and due to this belief, the people of this border district have participated in the polls for their peaceful and prosperous future.

In the Indian part of the international border that seems to be with Pakistan, there are 400 voters in the last village settled on the border.

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They may have different choices for political parties, but they all have a common choice for which they are going to cast their vote - that is permanent peace and development.

Located just 400 meters away from the fence on the border, this village is part of Jammu parliamentary area and voting on Thursday in the first phase of Lok Sabha elections.

Today was a special day for the people of the village because once again, the hopes of peace in their hearts started spreading new wings. Early in the morning, most of the villagers went to the polling booth, which was built in the Jajwal village near here.

Jajwal election officer of the polling booth Anurodh Kumar Bhatt told that till noon 742 voters used their vote, out of which 303 were male and 123 were female voters.

BJP MP Jugal Kishore is trying again stand in this seat. There are 24 candidates in the fray, among them, are Raman Bhalla of Congress and Chaudhary Lal Singh of Dogra Swabhiman Sangathan and Bhim Singh of the National Panthers Party.

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