Lok Sabha Elections Phase 1: -BSF Jawan's Did Air Firing When Voters Tried To Vote Without ID

Under the Kairana of Kairana Lok Sabha seat, booth No. 171 of Rasoolpur Gujran, around 12 noon on Thursday,  Some people in the polling booth without IDs tried to forcibly enter the vote.

When a presiding officer tried to stop, these people got entangled. Seeing the case deteriorating, BSF Jawans air firing to overcome the situation.
During this, there was an atmosphere of irreverence. Later the police force also reached. Then the situation has become normal and voting started peacefully.
Argue between Forces in Saharanpur:-

While voting, Argue created between Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar and the SSB's Jawan at the polling booth. In fact, Chandrashekhar reached the booth with two cars. After that, going to the booth to vote with nearly two dozen supporters started going. SSB jawans stopped them,

SSB's Jawan said that those who have voting permission will only be able to go to the booth. After some time arguing, Chandrasekhar and his supporters went inside the booth. Remain supporters was returned. After voting, Chandrasekhar went with supporters.

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