Lok Sabha Elections 2019: PM Modi's And Arun Jaitley's Scathing War On Congress, The Manifesto Also Like Him Corrupt And False; 10 Special Things

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) addressing the election rally in Pasighat of Arunachal Pradesh (Arunachal Pradesh) on Wednesday, calling Congress's manifesto corrupt and false. Prime Minister Modi said that as the Congress, his election manifesto is also corrupt and lying.
It should say a hypocritical document. PM Modi asked, who is with the Congress, with the country or with the conspirators against him? This election is a selection between faith and corruption and resolution and conspiracy, "Modi said. The BJP has never fooled the farmers and votes for them. Read 10 special points of PM Modi's rally:
Rest assured that, until it is a janitor (चौकीदार ), those who think about breaking the country will have to think a hundred times.
Congress has also made a plan to increase the separatism in the country, to encourage violence, to encourage the abusers of the country.
PM Modi said that on one side there is an intentional government and on the other side there are only false promises.
Your janitor is acting as your servant: PM Narendra Modi
We did not talk about big things in the name of health but still implement the world's largest health plan, Ayushman Bharat Yojana.
PM Modi said that it is the election of Arunachal-North East who are united for the development of the North East and those who ignore Arunachal-North East for decades.
He said in the rally that the election of this time is the choice between resolution and conspiracy. The choice of this time is the election between trust and corruption.
In a rally in Arunachal Pradesh, PM Modi said that Arunachal and North East are our goals of making East Asia Gateway.
The result of your strong faith is that today many institutes are being formed in Arunachal for education and health: PM Modi
The only consequence of your love is that today we have been able to do a lot of work in strengthening connectivity, whether it is the village, the national highways, the railways or the airway in Arunachal Pradesh: PM Modi

Arun Jaitley Also Said That The Promises Made In The Manifesto Are Dangerous

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that the promise made in the Congress Manifesto News for the Lok Sabha elections was dangerous. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that the idea of the Congress in Manifesto is alarming.
The Manifesto made by Rahul Gandhi's friends is not right about the security of Jammu and Kashmir and the nation. He said that Rahul Gandhi said that they implement the promises they make.
There are such agendas in this Manifesto that work to break the country. It goes against the unity of the nation. The decision that the Congress Party and the Nehru Gandhi family had made about Jammu and Kashmir was a historic mistake. For him, the country has never forgotten him. That agendas are more dangerous to go forward.

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