Income Tax Department Raids On The Premises Of People Belonging To CM Kamal Nath Of Madhya Pradesh, Nine Crore Rupees Recovered So Far.

The Income Tax Department has raided several areas of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath's OSD Praveen Kakkar and his former adviser RK Mylaliani. As per the information received, an amount of ' 9 crores has been recovered so far.
The raids were conducted at several places in Bhopal, Indore, and Delhi, homologous as per officials of the income tax department. This action of the Income Tax department was launched Saturday late night at 2.30 which is still continuing. It is being dealt with separately at 50 locations.
It is reported that the raids have been conducted on information about the collection of funds through Hawala for the Lok Sabha elections.
The income tax department has raided Pravin Kakkar, a Vijay Nagar in Indore. Meanwhile, RK Migani's operation has been taken up in several locations.
It is reported that the action is being taken by many officials of the income tax department. Huge cash in the raids at Praveen Kakkar's nephew Pratik Joshi's Bhopal Residence has been received.
Praveen Kakkar was in the police department. Their investigation was going on during the service. He has also been honored with the President's award while staying in the police department.
In 2004 he had quit the job. He was not only close to the former union minister and Congress leader Kantilal Bhuria but also OSD. Praveen Kakkar was made OSD by CM Kamal Nath after the Congress won the 2018 assembly elections.
The same Congress party has described it as an act of retaliation. Congress leader Standard Agarwal said,  "This is entirely the act of revenge. The Modi government wants to harass the people so that people can be harassed during the Lok Sabha elections and increase their seats. But that's not going to happen.
The state chief Minister Kamal Nath is in Hoshangabad this moment. He has refused to be aware of any such raids.
While Madhya Pradesh BJP spokesperson Rajnish Agarwal termed it as a hit on the black money. Rajnish Agarwal said,  "The country's agency is doing the guarding. They need to be active. Why they did such a thing is why it's right to do it. Why did you do it now, then why not? All of these questions are redundant. The jab at black money can be done all the time.

The raids are being done at Kamalnath's relatives Ratul Puri's bases. Ratul Puri has also been named in the Agustawestland case.

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