Dreadful Fire At The Notre-Dame Church Of Paris

Paris, Dreadful Fire at Notre-Dame church, a 12th-century famous Notre Dame Cathedral church in the heart of France's capital Paris, a massive fire broke out on Monday. However, the fire has now been fully controlled, but there is still partial fire. In this incident, the church was completely devastated. 

The Fire Department of Paris has captured the fire in the historic Notre Dame Cathedral Church after hours of hardships. The firefighting department has saved the main structure of Gothic Cathedral.

According to the information, the fire started from the ceiling and took the whole church in its grip. High flames of fire were seen far and wide. There was a cloud of black smoke in the sky due to the fire. The fire has completely turned down the High altars of the church in ashes. The large portion of the roof has been burnt completely.

According to the fire brigade, the fire took place at around five o'clock in the evening. The work of renovation of the church is being done on a widespread scale. It is feared that the reason for the fire could be linked to the restoration works.

President Emmanuel Macron has expressed deep sorrow on the incident. He canceled his TV message and immediately reached the spot. In a tweet, the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo described it as a terrible fire

The Paris Fire Department is trying to control the fire. He has asked people to cooperate with firefighters by tweeting. The spokesman said that the church was preparing for Easter. The cathedral spokesman said that the wooden structure on the roof had caught fire.

The fire destroyed the historical building as well as the painting on it. In this church about 850 years old, the lumber work was high. Everything is buried in the fire. Germany Chancellor Merkel expressed grief over the incident and described the church as a symbol of European culture.

US President Donald Trump also tweeted and expressed grief over the incident. He said it is very sad to see the horrific fire. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has said that the people of London stand with Paris in this hour of grief. United Nations cultural organization UNESCO has also expressed deep sorrow over the incident.

We are with France in rescuing and reviving the church, "UNESCO secretary Audrey Azoulay said. UNESCO included this church in the list of World Heritage in 1991.

The church was constructed from 1163 to 1345. Every year, more than one crore tourists came to see it.

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