Dimple Yadav Defended Azam Khan's Sexist Remarks Against BJP's Jaya Prada, Saying It Was ‘Chhoti Si Baat’

Kannauj MP and Samajwadi Party President's wife Dimple Yadav, on Wednesday, allegedly attacked Azam Khan's "underwear jib" on film actor Jaya Prada. While her husband Akhilesh had earlier defended Khan, Dimple reminded the media of senior BJP leader Daya Shankar Singh of abusive remarks before the 2017 UP elections against BSP chief Mayawati. 

Reply to media "it is chhoti baat" (small issue)" on Khan's comments against Jaya Prada, Dimple asked, "When Daya Shankar made a comment against Mayawati, where was the media? When such comments are made against Priyanka Gandhi or me then why not a journalist Pick up these controversies? "

Dimple was referring to the incident of 2016 when the BJP leader compared BSP supremo Mayawati to the prostitute, after which the party expelled him.

Real statement of Khan:- Rampur waalo, Uttar Pradesh waalo, Hindustan waalo, usski asliyat samajhne mein aapko 17 baras lag gaye. Main 17 dinon mein pehchaan gaya ki inke neeche kaa jo underwear hai, woh khaki rang kaa hai),

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