Claire Created History By Becoming The First Woman Umpire For Men's ODI

Claire Polosak of Australia has become the first woman to Umpire in the ODIs. 31 years Old Claire has achieved this feat in the final match of the ICC World Cricket League Division II, being played between the US and Oman.
Earlier, Claire has done umpiring in 15 ODIs of women. In the 2016 ODI match between Australia and South Africa women team, he had the umpiring for the first time.

He also had an umpire in the women's T-20 World Cup semi-final between England and India last year. Cricket Australia congratulated Claire Polosak on this achievement.

"I am feeling very excited to be the first woman to Umpire in the men's one-day match, I have come a long way as an umpire. Promoting female umpires is very important and women can certainly do umpire. There is a need to spread awareness while breaking the barriers so that more women can play this role. " She said.

Claire Polosak had become an umpire for four matches in the Women's World Cup in 2017 and Now she became the first woman umpire to officiate in Australia's domestic match in the men's match.
In December last year, Claire and Eloise Sheridan of South Australia had an umpire in the Women's Big Bash League. This was the first time that both field umpires were women in professional cricket in Australia.

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