Black Hole: Today, A Photo Of The Black Hole Will Be Released For The First Time, Know About It

The black hole still is a hypothesis of people that how is it looks. But today for the first time people will be able to see the Black Hole Picture. Today, a scientific press conference will release the real picture of the Black Hole at six places of the world.

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The picture of the black hole will be taken by Horizon Telescope. Event Horizon Telescope has been installed in six places around the world.

This telescope is specially designed to take a picture of a black hole. Explain that these 6 telescopes have been installed in Hawaii, Arizona, Spain, Mexico, Chile, and the South Pole. A large virtual telescope was created by adding these telescopes. Data from these telescopes will be stored in the supercomputer.

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Paul McCannara of the Astronomer of the European Space Agency and Black Hole said, "For more than 50 years, scientists have noticed that something in the center of our galaxy is very luminous." Astronomer Paul McCannara said that the black hole is so strong Gravity is that the stars revolve around it in 20 years. In our solar system, it takes 23 million years in the orbit of the galaxy.

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