"Ab Hoga Nyay' It's A Slogan For Lok Sabha Elections Of Congress

Prior to the first phase of polling on April 11 for the Lok Sabha elections, all the political parties have been campaigning loudly. Political parties are also pushing new electoral slogans. The Congress, which is looking for a return to the state, is not even behind it. Congress has decided to announce the slogan for Lok Sabha elections. The party will contest the Lok Sabha elections with the help of 'now will be justice' ‘अब होगा न्याय’ #AbHogaNYAY.

Congress means justice in this "justice" is the "न्यूनतम आय योजना". In fact, with the help of this "justice", the Congress has been working for the poor. The Congress has promised in its manifesto for the election that it would provide 20 percent of the country's poor families an annual amount of 72 thousand rupees per year.

The Congress Publicity committee chairman Anand Sharma said that our campaign is on justice. The country is seeking justice. job for youngers, farmer for the right price, women are demanding justice for safety. Justice for work, price, and respect.

In fact, Congress is targeting the Modi government with this "justice." While Congress is promising to pay Rs 72000 per annum to the poor from justice, it is also talking about giving justice to all sections of society.

Congress has been accusing the Modi government of not employing youth, curbing crime against women and not getting the farmers to pay their crops properly. Congress is the aggressor on all these issues on the Modi government and is dreaming of a return on power by dint of his plan ' justice '.

The manifesto was preceded, Congress president Rahul Gandhi had declared ' justice '. He said that if they come to power, 20 percent of the country's poor families would be provided  Rs 72 thousand annually each year. The Congress party will launch the ' न्यूनतम आय योजना ' (NYAY).

Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also described Rahul Gandhi's announcement as the biggest war on poverty. He said that is going to be the biggest war on poverty. Congress party has brought 'न्यूनतम आय योजना ' justice '.

We are going to give 72,000 rupees every year to get the poorest 20 percent of the families out of poverty. Respect everyone's justice to all Before this, in the 2014 Lok Sabha election, Congress gave the slogan 'कांग्रेस का हाथ आम आदमी के साथ'

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