200 People Have Been Injured In Several Blasts In Colombo And Other Parts Of Sri Lanka

200 people are injured in two bomb explosions during the Easter prayers at two churches in Sri Lanka. The Colombo National Hospital has said that at least 80 people were injured in the blast. According to Sri Lankan media reports, the blast has been in many parts of Sri Lanka.

Police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera said the blast occurred at around 8.45 pm (local time) on Sunday morning when people were gathered for the Easter prayers.

It is being told that an explosion occurred in the St. Anthony Church in Cochchikard, capital of the Colombo and the second blast occurred at Katuwapitiya Church in Patana.

The injured have been admitted to the National Hospital at Colombo. Islamic extremist outfits may be behind the blast, says the news. The details of the news are awaited.

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