UK Court Denial Scammer Nirav Modi's Bail Again

Fugitive and accused of Rs 13700 crore PNB scam Nirav Modi was denied bail for the second time by the Westminster Magistrate's court on March 29. The next hearing has been scheduled for 26th April.
On March 19, Nirav was arrested from London's Holborn Tube metro station. Earlier on March 20, the court had refused to give Neer to Bell. During the hearing on the bail petition on Friday, more evidence was presented against Nirav by India. Toby Cadman, representing India, said, Nirav had threatened to kill a witness by calling a witness.
Cadman told the court, Nirav is not cooperating with Indian agencies. The danger is that he could run out. There is also the danger of destruction of evidence and affecting witnesses. Nirav has been in police custody for 9 days.
Nirav was first presented to a judge in the Westminster Magistrates' court on March 20, where he rejected the extradition and offered 500,000 pounds for his bail. The judge refused to grant bail on the basis of the high value of the embezzled wealth and high access to escape.
Nirav was sent to HM Gail Wandsworth after his bail plea was rejected and he was kept in custody until March 29.

Nirav arrested after 14 months

In January last year, the PNB scandal was revealed. Nirav had fled abroad before this. On March 9, a video of her was revealed. According to the report, Nirav is trading diamond business in London. After that, the Westminster court of London issued arrest warrants against Nirav. On March 19, he was arrested on India's appeal.

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